About Noblesse Proteins

Noblesse Proteins BV produces poultry category 3 proteins and fats from 100% poultry slaughterhouse by-products.

Quality has priority

We are proud that our products contribute to reducing the world protein gap. Our efficient processes transform poultry category 3 by-products from local slaughterhouses into high-quality proteins and fats. Our aim is to utilise as much animal protein and animal fat as possible.

Our products are used as primary ingredients for the pet food, aqua feed, animal feed, biofuel and fertilizer markets. We do not trade and we do not blend.

Noblesse Proteins serves European and global markets. We work closely with end users and with respected and knowledgeable local distributors.

Our organisation is effective thanks to our short lines of communication, transparency and dedication to fulfilling our promises.

Socially responsible and innovative

Noblesse Proteins is committed to sustainable processes. We are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, total water and energy consumption and to minimise our emissions. We want to minimise our impact on the environment and make our processes more efficient.

We innovate to improve our processes and increase our efficiency to benefit our clients and suppliers, our employees, and the environment. We want our business activities to create sustainable employment within our company and elsewhere.

Successful partnerships

Noblesse operates on Energy Transition Park Midden-Drenthe where we have partnered with other businesses around us to create a win-win for all. For example, we need a great deal of steam for our production process. One of our neighbouring businesses is a recycling specialist. We use residual steam from their processes in our production facility. Noblesse and Attero about the partnership.

We have also partnered with a water treatment company to construct a dedicated waste water plant, resulting in cleaner effluent.

A brief history

In 2009, a consortium of Dutch poultry slaughterhouses came up with the idea to valorise poultry slaughterhouse by-products. These form approximately 25% of the total slaughter weight. Before long, the business idea was developed and Noblesse Proteins BV was founded. The original Dutch poultry slaughterhouses are still our shareholders and suppliers of raw materials.

The factory opened in 2011 and continued to expand. In 2019, a fire destroyed the factory. This unfortunate incident allowed Noblesse Proteins to rebuild a more efficient processing plant. The newly built facility started production again in June 2020 and was working again at full capacity within three months.