Markets we supply

We supply high-quality poultry category 3 protein meals and fats for a wide range of industries all around the globe.

Our clients incorporate our poultry category 3 proteins and fats into their finished products.


Pet food

As poultry is the only raw material for our products, our meals are high in protein and have high digestibility for pets.

Aqua feed

Noblesse Proteins supplies high-quality ingredients for use in aqua feed, derived from fresh raw materials sourced from known and certified poultry companies.

Animal feed

Our poultry fat, poultry meat meal, poultry blood meal and our hydrolysed feather protein can be used as a high-protein feed ingredient.


Poultry fat is one of our main products. The use of poultry fat in biofuel is a fast-growing development in the drive to meet the 2015 Paris agreement.


A relatively small portion of our meals and hydrolysates is used to make fertilizers. The high nitrogen content makes these an ideal ingredient.