Our products

100% poultry origin

Are you looking for poultry category 3 proteins and fats for your products? Noblesse Proteins can meet all your needs. Our poultry meat meals and fats are produced from fresh poultry slaughterhouse by-products.

Freshness guaranteed

We source our poultry category 3 raw material from licenced poultry slaughterhouses located near our own processing plant. Minimal transport times mean we have a continual supply of fresh raw materials.


Poultry meat meal

Noblesse poultry meat meal is the premium grade ingredient for use in pet food and aquaculture diets.

Hydrolysed feather protein

Noblesse hydrolysed feather protein is ideal for aquaculture feed, pet food and fertilizer.

Poultry Fat

Noblesse poultry fat is an ideal palatant and energy source for pet food and animal feed. It is also used to manufacture biofuels.

Poultry blood meal

Noblesse poultry blood meal is rich in highly digestible protein. It is used specifically to replace other protein sources in aquaculture diets.

Certification and monitoring

To be assured that our high-quality products are of poultry origin only, we are specifically certified and monitored as such by The Dutch Veterinary Authority.